Thursday, March 27, 2014

Senate Prayer

Yesterday, March 26, I was afforded the honor of praying at the beginning of the session of the Minnesota State Senate.  I offered this prayer:

God of all peoples, intricate weaver of the web of life, seeker of justice and pursuer of peace: Here we are in this state which those who came before us called L’Etoile du Nord – the star of the North. It is an audacious statement, O God.  Yet you call we human beings to the high calling of moral grandeur and spiritual audacity, to use the wise words of Abraham Joshua Heschel.  You call us to do justice and nurture kindness.  You call us to pursue peace and seek freedom.  You call us to create beauty and tend the earth wisely.  You call us to recognize our sister and our brother in every one we meet, and to see in each person something of your image.  You call us to live with a certain humility and with compassion.  May we, today, in this deliberative body, hear your call again.  Grant us determination, courage, and imagination to respond to your call.  May our work this day help our state shine more brightly with the light of justice, shine more brightly with the light of freedom, shine more brightly with the light of compassion.  With moral grandeur and spiritual audacity, today let us pursue our calling to be L’Etoile du Nord.  Amen.