Saturday, January 22, 2011


Moments that help you feel you are where you should be:

Sunday after the worship service in which you gave bows to each of the children to let them know that they are a gift, a little girl, wearing her bow, comes up to give you a hug, her mother telling you that she really wanted to say “hello” to the pastor.

Sunday afternoon you give the welcome at the community ecumenical worship service held at St. Mark AME Church to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. You welcome “all God’s children" using King’s words from his “I Have a Dream Speech.” The next day you are quoted in the newspaper.

Monday morning, you get to welcome people to the MLK Breakfast being held in the social hall of your church.

Thursday night, while helping with the monthly food distribution ministry at your church, you look out the window to see a brilliant and bright full moon shine over an icy Lake Superior. It is beautiful, as is the food ministry.

Friday morning you are listening to The Hold Steady as you drive to a local elementary school to mentor a student.

When you get to his classroom, you can tell your student is glad to see you. He has been waiting to play Yahtzee.

With Faith and With Feathers,


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TST said...

Amen! Everyone needs moments like this!